Multimedia Artist

A multimedia artist, Shuk Orani, based in Hamburg, Germany whose contemporary creations fall along abstract and expressionist art. Orani has had Art Exhibitions in China, Germany, France, GB, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Kosovo, Croatia... He is continuously part of grand Art Fares and his art is on demand by luxury boutique hotels and various art studios.

What distinguishes Shuk from the rest is the combination of techniques and his capability to combine the colors in a playful manner. His work always gives birth to a new and exciting creation, which reflects a certain mood in an atmosphere divided thinly between simplicity and complexity.

Orani is inspired by positive surroundings and warm feelings, he believes that life is about positive attitude and his desire is to encompass the beauty of life by color, technique and composition, which is easily detected in all of his creations.

Orani predominantly works with oil paints on canvas but he has had a series of graphic and digital creations, which shows a different side of his creativity and thriving talent.

Shuk Orani’s paintings bring life and light to any space, thus fulfilling the very intention of the creation and the aspiration of the artist.